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The initiative of Cultural Security derives from  interdisciplinary thinking  of the humanities, social sciences, life sciences, and technology. The team includes scholars and professionals who represent the disciplines through international experience.
Cultural Security explores the political economy of art and the power of cultural heritage in diplomacy.  Research,  analysis, and  creativity  examine and shape the space in which art and culture influence foreign policy and security.

Director: Erik Nemeth, PhD - Science and Technology

Erik has studied and presented on the role of  cultural property in security  since 2001. After a  varied career in science and technology, he worked with the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles and published a number of papers on the evolving concept of cultural security. Currently Erik serves as a trustee of  ARCA  and works with the Center for Global Risk and Security at the  RAND Corporation. Erik holds a BA in Computer Science and PhD in Vision Science from the University of California at Berkeley.
experience in: Czech Republic, Germany, Guatemala, UK
contact:   (Santa Monica, California)

Political Analyst: Yasmeen Hussain, MA - Social Sciences

Yasmeen has analyzed and dissected the  perception of security  in theories of international relations and political science. After work in the legal and securities industries, her studies in applying dialogue concepts to regional security models has led to consulting in organizational development strategy. Yasmeen holds a BA in Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley, and two Masters degrees from the American Graduate School of International Relations and Université Paris-Sud 11 in France.
experience in: Bangladesh, Egypt, France, Greece, Pakistan, UK

Joshua Mix, MA - Humanities

Joshua serves as a freelance editor for literature on art history and as a  style consultant. Most recently, he worked with the Getty Research Institute on the Bibliography of the History of Art. Joshua participated in archaeological excavations at the Roman bath complex of Chianciano Terme  near Orvieto, Italy, as well as at the site of  Marion in Polis Chrysochous, Cyprus. Joshua holds a BA in History of Art from Arizona State University and a MA in Classical Archaeology from the University of Arizona.
experience in: Cyprus, Italy
contact:   (Phoenix, Arizona)
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