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Art Risk Index (ARI) market trends
risk assessments

Art World Intelligence (AWI)

Art World Intelligence provides analyses to manage risk in art trading and to assess threats to the security of cultural property. (see also Cultural Security)

AWI compares sales of artworks and events in international affairs to provide intelligence for cultural diplomacy.

Cultural Intelligence informs:
- financial, political, and ethical decisions on the acquisition of artworks (fine art, antiquities, tribal art...)
- foreign policy on the strategic value of artworks, historic structures, religious monuments, and cultural heritage sites.



Risk Assessments support:

- peforming due dillegence for prospective acquisitions

- planning of institutional policy for acquistion practices

- foreign engagement for cultural security, i.e. countering threats (looting, trafficking, political violence, collateral damage...) to cultural property (sample assessment)

- forecasting risk through the market value of artworks (sample assessment).

Market Trends: AWI compiles art-trading data through open source collection and provides quantitative graphical analysis to identify trends within markets and to compare trends across markets.

(sample data from worldwide sales of a major auction house)

Event Analysis: AWI mines open source material to analyze events in transfer (looting, trafficking, repatriation) and security (political stability, armed conflict).

- A stready increase in sales volume of African tribal art (red line in graph to the left) warrants inspection of individual source nations for tribal art.

- Movement of terrorist groups from Northern Africa into the Sahel motivates a nation-by-nation inspection of sales of tribal art that originates from the region (graph to the right).

- The historical sales volume by nation of origin suggests that Malian tribal art may bear consideration in discussions on security in the Sahel.

Risk Assessments: AWI analyzes market trends and regional events for tactical intelligence to counter regional security threats and to provide strategic intelligence for managing risk in trading of artworks.

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