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Art Risk Index (ARI)

The Art Risk Index indicates risk of repatriation for antiquities, fine art, and tribal art. As composite of market value, UNESCO conventions, and security of the source nation, the Art Risk Index provides:

  • an indicator of risk for acquisitions, and
  • informs best practices in collecting.


African tribal art

in development
Asian Art
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Near Eastern Art
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Classical Antiquities
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Pre-Columbian Art
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An integration of market value, vigilance in protection of cultural property, and security provide an indication of risk for repatriation. Assessment of risk for the past decade yielded the trends shown to the right.

Antiquities presented the greatest risk of repatriation across the decade, while pre-Columbian art and African tribal art demonstrated a steady increase in risk.



As a complement to the ARI, the Cultural Diplomacy Index (CDI) indicates states parties to UNESCO conventions for the protection and repatriation of cultural property. Once a nation has accepted or ratified a convention, the CDI for that nation increases with time. The CDI provides one measure of the vigilance of a nation in pursuing repatriation of cultural patrimony.

The map to the right shows the Cultural Diplomacy Index (CDI) for 2010.

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