Art World Intelligence - Risk Assessments
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AWI assess risk to cultural property by nation of origin.



Indian and Southeast Asian Art - in development
Near Eastern Art - in development
Classical Antiquities - in development
Pre-Columbian Art - in development


AWI integrates analyses of trends for sales of artworks, transfer of cultural patrimony, and security in source nations to create risk assessments for cultural patrimony. AWI integrates the following analyses by nation.

1. market trends for moveable cultural patrimony

annual sales and trade volume of artworks (classical antiquities, tribal art, ...) according to nation of origin

annual market value (average price of an artwork) of cultural patrimony according to nation of origin

2. transfer of cultural patrimony

illicit transfer: plunder of national collections, looting of cultural artifacts, and trafficking in artworks

recovery and repatriation: seizure by law enforcement and customs agencies, initiatives for protection of cultural patrimony, and returns of cultural property to source nations

3. security threats that, directly or indirectly, affect cultural patrimony

organized crime, political violence, and armed conflict that puts cultural patrimony at risk of looting, destruction, or collateral damage

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