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AWI analyzes security threats that may affect cultural property by nation of origin.



Indian and Southeast Asian Art - in development
Near Eastern Art - in development
Classical Antiquities - in development
Pre-Columbian Art - in development


As an example, AWI collects information on security threats that may put cultural patrimony at risk, including organized crime, political violence, and armed conflict. AWI organizes the following information by nation.

1. direct threats to cultural patrimony:

presence of dealers and local criminal groups that may organize subsitance looting by locals

transnational criminal groups that traffic in drugs, weapons, humans, and raw materials may organize networks of dealers, galleries, and auction houses
- empirical study, "The Smuggling of Art, and the Art of Smuggling: Uncovering the Illicit Trade in Cultural Property and Antiques", Fishman and Wei, 2009

2. indirect threats to cultual patrimony:

political instability that creates economic hardship and compromises security of archaeological sites

armed conflict that creates opportunities to plunder national collection and to loot archaeological sites
- review of Antiquities under Siege: Cultural Heritage Protection after the Iraq War, Lawrence Rothfield, 2008

3. chronological comparison of direct and indirect threats with trends in annual sales volumes of the past decade

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