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The relevance of culture to security remains unexplored constructively, or thoroughly. We discuss these topics tangentially on a daily basis: as responsible, critical individuals we owe it to ourselves to recognize and contribute to this burgeoning field.

Collage invites you to partake in defining cultural security by contributing your unique experiences and insights. Definitions form through ideas, practices, opinions, discussion, and perceptions; definitions are ever-changing functions contributed to and buttressed by usage.

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The page is intuitive and straightforward. There are no guidelines.

One to three pictures illustrate and under 50 words compose your collage. Fill in the blanks in any manner you desire. This open process allows your thoughts and perceptions to design the relationship between culture and security today.

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Who might join?

This site is an outlet for you - the artist, researcher, political scientist, engineer, actor, soldier, biologist, designer, journalist, student, chef, photographer, teacher, veterinarian, officer, consultant, attorney, baker, trader, driver, doctor, or singer. It is a creative opportunity, a blank canvas, an empty glass waiting for your imagination and ingenuity.

Fill in the simple  FORM  to join and start creating collages!

Who's behind Collage?

Erik Nemeth has studied and presented on  the role of cultural property in security. After a  varied career in science and technology, Erik worked with the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles and published a number of  papers  on the evolving concept of  cultural security.

Yasmeen Hussain has analyzed and dissected the  perception of security  in theories of international relations and political science. After work in the legal and securities industries, her studies in applying dialogue concepts to regional security models led to consulting in development strategy.
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