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Cultural Security Bibliography

Cultural Security Bibliography tracks literature on the interrelation of cultural property and international security. Please enter citations that elucidate the significance of artworks and monuments to diplomacy and security.

  • cultural intelligence/diplomacy
  • wartime plunder and looting
  • organized crime and trafficking
  • political violence and terrorism

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Add citations for literature from the following fields or expand the range of fields by citing a paper, essay, article, book, or social media item from another field.

Art History

Intelligence Studies
Political Science
Security Studies
Terrorism Studies

Scholars, professionals, and students submit citations for academic papers, essays, articles, books, and social media that identify the past and present interrelation of cultural property, security, and diplomacy.

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The Cultural Security Bibliography enables practitioners and researchers to build and search the literature base of the evolving cross-disciplinary field of Cultural Security.

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